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Sisson, Ohs tell of transformation in 'I Send You This Place'

A fashion design Fulbright scholar and a computer scientist met in Cincinnati, married, then traveled to Iceland on a journey to make a film. The result is as spiritual as it is cinematic. "I Send You This Place" premieres in Cincinnati Nov. 29 at the Emery Theatre.


Deck the halls: Cincinnati cosplayers revel in stories

From engineers to college students, costume designers to corporate professionals, cosplayers (costume players) in Cincinnati revel in opportunities to get their geek on. Soapbox's Aiesha Little takes a closer look.


Pigs on the fly: Gig's pigs go online

Eleven pigs are online and up for auction as part of ArtWorks Secret Artworks fundraiser this year. Check them out before they all go wee, wee, wee, all the way home!


Sweet Sistah Splash spices up Sycamore Street

Instead of talking about the kinds of programs they wanted to see more of in Cincinnati, entrepreneurs Nzingha Byrd and Daphney Thomas decided to join forces and feature them. They opened Sweet Sistah Splash in Over-the-Rhine in July.


Fresh art uncovers hidden treasures

Where you see an empty carton, Andrey Kozakov sees a face. Where you see a cabinet, he sees a magical box. Most of all, the Cincinnatian from the Ukraine sees his art as an expression of his freedom—from the bonds of the past and the constraints of convention.


Epipheo embraces stories, innovation while defying easy description

Cross the quirkiness of a Silicon Valley start-up with the genuine affection of a Midwestern community and you begin to grasp the creative forces that drive Epipheo. With an office in Portland, Oregon, and headquarters in Longworth Hall, the convention-defying company's core values—"truth, story, love"—make it as appealing to a growing number of employees as it is to high-powered clients like Google, Facebook and MTV.


'That Cortnie girl' adds voice to feminist perspectives

Cortnie Owens wants to make a difference. Whether she's in a class at UC, working on social media for the Women's Center on campus or writing on her own blog, the young feminist preaches the power of positive body acceptance.


Beauty in the stacks: Carnegie libraries in Cincinnati

Cincinnati's rich collection of Carnegie libraries capture beautiful elements of architectural history in unexpected places. Take a closer look at just a few in this slideshow by Keith Bowers.


My Soapbox: Cedric Michael Cox, artist

Cedric Michael Cox may be the busiest – and most accessible – artist in Cincinnati. As vibrant as his paintings and as intricate as his drawings, the 36-year-old is also as driven as his rock band is loud. He shares the stories behind his newest PAC Gallery show with Soapbox's Chris Graves.


Go West: Broadhope Art Collective inspires new thinking in Cheviot

Five artists share one vision in Cheviot: work together to share inspiration and build a creative community on the West Side. The result? The Broadhope Art Collective, which opened last week. 


'Contained' takes art into the streets of OTR

'Contained,' an exhibit of art presented in shipping containers in Over-the-Rhine, takes art into the streets, as the Requiem Project extends its reach beyond the Emery Theatre. Soapbox's master photographer Scott Beseler offers a tour.


New sounds in Newport: Local music scene gets a reboot

When the Southgate House closed its doors last New Year’s Eve, Newport, Kentucky, lost one of the region’s premier music venues. Over the last several months, two new music destinations have developed in its place. Soapbox takes a look at how the show goes on at the new Thompson House and the Southgate House Revival.


Chicks in the city: a snapshot of sustainable urban living

Boxed in the backyard of a stucco Northside home, 72 toes claw through straw and shredded compost. Nine clucking chickens are cooped up in chicken-wire-wrapped wood beams. Welcome to Chris Lamkin's world.


From the CR: Bats

In honor of the season, Soapbox once again partners with the acclaimed literary journal The Cincinnati Review to offer you a tasty tidbit of poetry. Enjoy Brian Barker's "Bats," and read why CR editors fell under its spell.


By the 'Books'

A Books by the Banks veteran shares insider secrets about what to look for at this year's literary festival.
909 Articles | Page: | Show All
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