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It just amazes me how much I am like my Mom. 

There was a time in my life that I would have probably rolled my eyes at that comment only because I was too young to see the pure essence of her beauty both inside and out.  You really do not see how much you pick up from your parents until you're a bit more mature.  You just automatically learn different behaviors and traits from your parents.  So you should best believe that these are the folks that you probably learn financial management from as well.  And that means that they most likely did the same when they were young as well.

So what happens when you have a parent that just was not fortunate enough to have a parent or a person that they looked up to show them how to open a bank account, manage a check book, create a budget, save to purchase a home and so much more.  Here is where you have a break down.  But there is an opportunity to break this cycle by seeking financial education.

I know that sounds really easy, but that is where the challenge may be.  When you are so far removed from the process of knowing what your choices are, what you don't know is what is really keeping you trapped in a situation that you did not realize you could change.  Just think about all the folks out there that are still paying to get their paychecks cashed.  Yes, there may be small percentages that just do not trust financial institutions, but there are a significant number of these individuals and families that do not realize the risk they are taking let alone the money they are wasting. 

I just want everyone to know what their financial options are and if they still choose to pay for a service they could of received for free…. well, that is their choice.  But I really do believe that once folks understand the financial system and find a way to make it work for their situation, so many doors will open. 

SMARTMONEY Community Services (SMCS) was founded in 1988 to work in partnership with the Cincinnati Central Credit Union, providing economic education and credit union services to residents of Over-the-Rhine and other economically distressed Cincinnati communities.  Since inception, SMCS has launched a number of innovative programs, including the first Individual Development Account program in the greater Cincinnati community, one of the most successful micro enterprise business training courses and is a HUD-Approved Counseling Agency offering pre and post purchase home ownership counseling and workshops. SMCS has had a longstanding reputation for providing quality affordable financial services and economic education to the Cincinnati region for over 20 years.

For more information regarding SMARTMONEY and/or the programs and services offered please visit their website at www.smart-money.org or contact them at (513) 241-7266.

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