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SoapBlog 1 - Another job search blog, so what?

Post 1 - Another Job Search Blog, So What?
Michael Loban

My foot was softly tapping on the carpeted floor of the waiting room. I was sitting on yet another uncomfortable office chair with a metal frame, and just a little bit of cushion to make this sitting experience bearable.  At least the office where I interviewed yesterday had a sofa, and they even offered me something to drink. Not here though.

I could fill my shirt getting stuck to my wet back, a common experience among people who get nervous before they are about to be interviewed for yet another position. "Why do I want this job, why do I want to work for this company, what can I offer to this organization?" these questions were flying around in my head, and I tried to concentrate on rehearsing the answers one at a time.  Every few minutes the flow of my thoughts was getting interrupted by the secretary telling yet another candidate how to get to this office. I was competing for a job that I did not even want but desperately needed, and I was competing with the whole army of people. I was not just sad, I was disappointed in myself, and I felt like I am letting down people who depend on me. Basically, I was screwed. As confident as I wanted to sound presenting a case for myself, I was overwhelmed with everything that was a direct result of something that I could not control.

Mr. Thompson will see you now.

I left all my emotions waiting for me on the chair, and walked inside the office. “

- Anonymous

We all can relate all too well to this story. Most of us have interviewed in our lives, and way too many of us have to interview every day for the jobs we have a slim chance of getting. I start to wonder if there is another way to get a job than applying for openings in a hope that your resume will be chosen among literally 300 hundred other resumes. We put our faith in the hands of the recruiter who looks at us as a bunch of keywords – VP, PMP, MBA…

There should be a better way. It seems that to learn this better way we need to understand how companies market their products and services, and learn guerilla strategies from them. In the past few years, I have done just that, I worked with numerous organizations to help them establish a powerful brand online, and use social media tools to engage with perspective audience, create long term relations and of course sell. Lately, I was asked to speak at a number of conferences and events on the topic of online guerilla job search. I want this blog to become a two way conversation, where I do not only share the tactics and advices, but where you get to share your insights and results.

To your success.


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